The Benefits of Team Sports on your Mental Health

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While many people are well aware of the physical benefits gained from team sports, most are unaware of the mental benefits and life skills gained from team sports. 

In 2010, there was a study done to examine the relationship between mental health and social connections. Researchers compared women involved in Australian club sports and women who exercised alone to conduct this study. Although there was no difference in the physical health of the two groups, they found that women who participate in club sports had better mental health and life satisfaction. The main reason for such a result is that human connection is a prominent factor in maintaining good mental health. Having teammates provides a socially supportive environment and motivates people to exercise.

The benefits of team sports are not limited to simply improving social connections. Young people who participated in team sports have a lower chance of being diagnosed with depression or anxiety during their adulthood. This relates to the fact that team sports improve the mental health of youths suffering from trauma. In a study published in the JAMA Network, researchers found a correlation in the relationship between mental health and team sports in young people who have Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). Through sports, they were able to grow a mental resilience into adulthood, due to their lower probability of developing depression or anxiety.

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