The NRA’s Effect On Gun Control

Things in the United States have been troubling lately, with the news filled with horrible images of gun violence and school shootings. Technically, the Second Amendment allows all citizens the right to bear arms or to own a gun since the founding of the Constitution. However, the ongoing gun violence issue leads many Americans to call for stricter regulations – or an outright ban on firearms in the nation. Unfortunately, these calls fall on deaf ears – and the big elephant in the room, the NRA, may be the culprit. But what exactly is the NRA, and how does it hold so much leverage in Congress?

The National Rifle Association is an American-based organization, which claims to exist to “protect” American gun rights. The NRA claim to have over 5 million supporters and be the “defenders of the rights of the Second Amendment for all Americans.” The NRA was founded in 1871 by Civil War veterans and has been influencing American policy-making ever since. Throughout history, the NRA has seen both controversy and support throughout the US. More recently, the Parkland shootings brought the NRA more public attention after they started to sue the Florida government in response to the new gun restrictions.

The NRA, besides their use of international intervention, uses various methods of lobbying to fulfill their needs from the American government. They are filled with some of the most dedicated members, and the $250 million budget makes advertising more affordable. Lobbying has given the NRA more than it could ask for from Congress; at this point, they are pretty much being spoon fed.

In conclusion, the NRA is an organization that would likely steer American policy making for many years to come. The organization will have a strong foundation made up of millions of Americans. Using close ties and clever techniques to get their ways, the NRA will probably not suffer any significant blows, unless any changes to US lawmaking are made.

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