When one goes out to hang out with their friends, eating is an activity that always sits at the forefront of everyone’s mind: sharing some mouthwatering pasta or steak with one another is a dream come true. However, if you take into consideration how everyone’s on a budget, the dreams of truffle pasta and freshly grilled steak (which can cost up to 35,000won per dish) fly out the window. Here are some restaurants that don’t cost ghastly amounts, but still taste delicious.

ONE: Song-Ok
LOCATION: Apgujeong (압구정)

While the ward of Apgujeong is known as the heart of designer brands and wealthy people there lies a tucked-in soba noodle shop called Song-Ok. The restaurant itself also sells steamed dumplings and udon, which are all done in a Korean-Japanese fusion style. The standard price for each dish alone ranges from W3,000 to W10,000, and each dish is more than enough to sustain one person.

TWO: School Food: Blooming Mari

LOCATION: Varies (restaurant chain)

School Food: Blooming Mari is a chain restaurant that fuses bunsik and the atmosphere of a western café. You can find a lot of interesting dishes such as mari, a stylized version of kimbap, with all types of fillings such as squid or spam and a fusion of tteokbokki rice cakes and carbonara pasta sauce. Although each dish comes around to W5,000 to W10,000, the amount of food that is given is quite a lot, thus allowing a few select dishes to be eaten without a care in the world.

THREE: Myeongin Mandu

LOCATION: Varies (restaurant chain)

Myeongin Mandu serves different types Korean-style dumplings called mandu. These include steamed and fried dumplings with an assortment of fillings inside. What makes the restaurant unique, however, is the fact that they also serve different foods such as tonkatsu and ramen for exceedingly low prices– the highest price for an item is around W9,000. The delicious dumplings and the variety of foods available makes Myeongin Mandu a good restaurant to eat out at with your friends.


With these restaurants under your belt, you can bring up these restaurants to your friends whenever you feel like your wallet’s going to break under all the ridiculous prices of different restaurants. After all, who would refuse tasty and cheap food?

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