Looking for a travel spot other than common places like New York or LA? Well, here are 5 places you probably haven’t seen on your friend’s Snapchat stories or Instagram posts. A wide range of places have been included, with some on the other side of the world and some just around the corner. So whether you’re desperately looking for things to do or you’re spending endless hours at hagwon, there’s probably a place for you on this list!

Brussels, Belgium

Brussels is a city that doesn’t cross many tourists’ minds; however, it is just as beautiful as other  European cities such as Paris or Venice. The city has a great display of architecture mixing the past and the modern day, and so you will be able to experience time travel whilst roaming the streets. Brussels is the home of The Grand Palace – one of the most beautiful squares in all of Europe. The square is surrounded by grandiose architecture that’ll make your jaw drop.  Brussels is also famous for their comic characters like The Smurfs or Tintin, with many museums and artistic roads for you to wander around. And of course, you’ll be able to taste the light, fluffy, sweet and savory Belgian waffles. Another famous yet niche treat to enjoy in Belgium are their french fries, beloved by locals and tourists alike. Planning to visit Europe this summer? Consider adding Brussels to your itinerary!

Komodo Islands, Indonesia

Hailed as the real life version of Jurassic Park, the Komodo Islands are famous for its Komodo Dragons, aggressive reptiles that guard the island. Despite the name, the Komodo Dragons are actually very large lizards. They can be seen on shores or roaming around on the hills, but the recommended, safer way to see these ferocious creatures is at the Komodo National Park. This national park is home to other creatures as well, ones that are exclusive to the island. The island also has one of the scarcest shores on the planet: The Pink Beach. Your visit to this beach will bring an rare experience as well as some very Instagram-worthy photos. If you’re someone who is up for an adventure, a trip to the Komodo Islands is perfect for you.

Vancouver, Canada

As said by the New York Times, Vancouver is “Manhattan with Mountains.” Vancouver not only has the downtown city-life that millennials crave, but it is also surrounded by beautiful natural scenery such as its luscious mountains. The Stanley Park is the perfect place to get a well-rounded experience of the city’s nature. This park is not your average city park; it has excellent leisure and relaxation facilities. If you’re down to get a little wet, visit its water parks or beach pools. If you would rather stay out of the water, visit the aquariums. If you just want to enjoy a calming afternoon, pick one of the many trails and explore the park. After a nice afternoon surrounded by the refreshing nature, visit Gastown, a modern yet retro town. It is the perfect place to pick up unique souvenirs and visit art galleries. Vancouver is a modern and exciting city- definitely a perfect destination for family trips.

Nara, Japan

Nara is the ultimate place to enjoy the quiet countryside neighborhoods of Japan. You will be able to taste the traditional homemade foods at small street restaurants and develop bonds with the friendly locals. Nara is also full of historic treasures; there are 8 UNESCO World Heritage sites located there. Not only that, but Japan’s largest Buddha also belongs to this part of Japan. Nara is also close to bigger cities like Osaka or Kyoto, so you would also be able to experience the Japanese city life. Your visit to Nara will be a great opportunity to visually educate yourself on Japanese history, but also take a break from your loud and busy life in Seoul.

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Asan, South Korea

Asan is one of the closest and nicest places for a short trip with either your friends or family. There isn’t a lot to sightsee,  so it is a great place to visit in a day. However, Asan is a lovely place to stay for a couple of days and sunbathe at the beach. Some places you could tour are the Asan Mediterranean Town and the Oeam Folk Village. The Asan Mediterranean Town is a small replica of Santorini. There are many small shops and restaurants where you can purchase and taste parts of Greek tradition. There are also several workshops where you can make your own Greek pottery or baskets. If you would rather learn about the traditional Korean culture, then visit the Oeam Folk Village. The village is full of traditional Korean houses called hanok stations where you can try traditional korean snacks and games. If you’re looking for the ideal weekend getaway, take a visit to Asan.


With summer vacation comes a lot of free time, and travelling could be a worthwhile way for you to spend it. Of the wide range of places suggested above, hopefully there was a destination that grabbed your attention. All there is left to do now is pack your suitcase and make some unforgettable memories.


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