Ukrainian Boeing plane crash claims 176 victims

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On Jan. 8, the Ukrainian International Airlines (UIA) PS752 flight crashed near Tehran, Iran after taking off from Imam Khomeini International Airport resulting in 176 casualties. The crash killed all 176 people on board. There were 82 Iranian, 63 Canadian, 10 Swedish, four Afghan, three British, and three Germans.

The government in Tehran insisted that the PS752 plane experienced a technical problem shortly after the take-off. A passenger from a near plane witnessed the PS752 plane on fire and therefore became evidence. However, there were other claims that said that Iran armed forces and shot down the plane. Iran was in high alert at that time because it fired missiles at two US bases in Iraq due to America killing the top Iranian general in Baghdad. Therefore, there was evidence that the Revolutionary Guard, which is a branch of the Iranian Armed Forces, mistakenly saw the aircraft as a US cruise missile. There were citizen uprights and protests that denounced the government’s lies, with already one protestor shot on Jan. 13.

It is hard to say that it was the crew’s fault that caused the crash because the crew on the plane were highly experienced. The captain, especially, had 11,600 hours of flight time on a Boeing plane while most of the captains have an average of 5,500 hours of flight time.

As there were many victims from several different countries in the crashed plane, the incident became a central issue in the world. The United States, for instance, declared that it will cooperate in any investigation of the crash. Canada that lost 57 citizens also insisted that it is planning on playing a more active role than other countries in investigating the incident. In addition, the five countries — Canada, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Sweden, and an unnamed country — that had their citizens in the crashed plane have met in London on Jan. 16 in order to discuss the possible legal action. 

Iran President Hassan Rouhani has gotten engaged and is mostly only focused on the PS752 plane crash incident due to worldwide attention. He said that the Revolutionary Guards’ Aerospace Force has informed about the strike hours later to the “officials” and therefore, that he would find officials to explicitly explain the reason why and what it took them to reveal the fact that missiles were fired at the PS752 plane too late. He also insisted that there were already 30 people who were arrested that were suspected to engage and take action in illegal gatherings. 

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