Wait, One Size Fits Who?

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Whether you’re truly passionate about fashion or you’ve only seen pictures of models online, there’s a high chance that you’ve seen clothes from the popular brand  Brandy Melville. Silvio Marsan and his son Stephan founded Brandy Melville in 1970 in Italy, and it has since become the center of a fashion craze in the United States. Today, there are over 90 stores worldwide. With retro-inspired clothing, this store is extremely popular—, especially among teenage girls. However, there is one controversy that holds some people back from buying from this brand. Brandy Melville is notorious for its “one size fits all” sizing. Many describe the only available size as either a size 0 or 2, whereas other stores such as Forever 21 has a wide range from 0 to 12 (with plus-size options as well). Due to this issue, Brandy Melville is often boycotted for being too exclusive.

Not much has been done to change the sizing issue as all of the clothing is still one size. Many videos were filmed and posted online in which customers complained about the fitting and look of Brandy’s clothing on different body types. However, it was found that though the tighter outfits did not fit most bodies, items such as sweatpants, jackets, and hoodies did. 

You may be wondering how Brandy Melville is still popular after facing so much criticism. Brandy Melville is associated with models such as Emma Chamberlain, Lily Chee, Hannah Meloche. These models are also influencers on Youtube with thousands and even millions of subscribers. The role of influencers in today’s society is huge, as many girls are inspired to look and be like them. Due to the fact that these influencers are modeling and posting pictures on various social media platforms, girls are constantly exposed to seeing clothing from Brandy, making them eager to purchase clothing from this specific store, regardless of the sizing controversy. Brandy Melville is also well priced. Compared to brands such as Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, and American Eagle Outfitters, its clothing is very affordable. In addition, even with not as many physical stores, Brandy Melville not only makes itself highly available through its online website (with free shipping in the United States for orders over $100), but also through stores such as Pacsun and Nordstrom. 

Even though Brandy Melville is limited to only one size, they sell accessories that are priced extremely cheap but are still fashionable and trendy. This includes earrings, bags, rings, shoelaces, necklaces, belts, chains and scrunchies. Being up to date with the latest fashion trends appeals to its customers. Brandy Melville sells popular accessories such as enamel pins and hair clips and offers free stickers that customers can collect in stores. 

In the end, Brandy Melville is continuing to be one of the most recognizable brands by teenagers all over the world, even with its one size controversy. Though there is hope that the sizing range will become more inclusive over time, as of right now, this brand is still extremely successful and will continue to thrive in the fashion industry. 

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