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Hey guys!

My name is Jaydon Han and I am a rising senior attending Yongsan International School.

I serve Teen 10 as the Creative Editor. Having this role means that I have to be the one that adds and manages all the graphical design aspects of the articles you read. To be honest, when deciding to take part of this ship to revive Teen 10, I was unaware of the high responsibilities of the role.

My role has a lot of required duties including, but not limited to, reminding our photographers to turn in their monthly photography, adding stock photos for photos without media content, and filming and editing video content. Though we wished it would go smoothly, it doesn’t always, and it takes a lot of management to keep the process as smooth as possible.

My motivation for this role in Teen 10 came purely from my passion for media and film. This magazine gave me a way to expand my experience in the field of media in different forms. In addition, it also gave me a chance to further expand my experience in website management. I’ve created and managed multiple websites before, and managing Teen 10 became another way for me to utilize my experience.

I’m unspeakably grateful for this opportunity to have such a big role in this project and am excited to see what Teen 10 can become in the long run.






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