Welcome From the Lifestyle Editor!

Dear Readers,

(Looking back on my editor bio, I realize that I might come off as a little conceited. After all, who in their right mind practically compiles her entire resume into a bio? I promise, I’m a little more interesting than a set of publications-related achievements.)

At first glance, you might peg me as a stereotypically feminine person. I’m not too sure if I act “girly,” but I’ve certainly got the appropriate obsessions to fit this criteria. I love to collect things in millennial pink, and obsess over the Disney Princess franchise. If parental influence and social norms didn’t have an influence on me, I’d probably have a much larger collection of tennis skirts and hair bows. In any case, know that if you ever see a gangly, awkward girl with a pink backpack, umbrella, wallet, and pencil case wandering around Apgujeong, it’ll probably be me. Say hi! I’m generally quite approachable and friendly.

What else? Though I lack the skills to make it on the big stage in one way or another, I love to listen to music. Just refer to Jukebox Jewels, the music column I created and write for in my school newspaper. Many of the bands I covered there are more of the indie, underground sort, but I tend to appreciate a good deal of alternative rock and musical theatre, too. I’m not a huge fan of pop, although I’ll always have a soft spot for One Direction solo careers.

If you haven’t noticed already (which, I suppose, is an absurd notion), writing is also a huge part of my identity. Believe it or not, journalism wasn’t on my original list of aspirations. Like many other aspiring writers, I spent numerous years dabbling in the art of creative writing before turning towards journalism. On nights when I feel particularly happy, sad, or lonely, you’ll still see me attempt to write a scene or two. No promises on the odds of said work being published on any platform, though.

Put these elements together, and you’ll get a brief glimpse of who I am. I am prone to bouts of passion, and use said bursts to make my strengths shine. I am also prone to excessive fangirling and general bouts of social anxiety that can be quite distracting. All in all, I like to think of myself as a dynamic person. I like to think of myself as someone who’s come a long way, and continues to try her best to improve herself. This notion is a belief I have on the general population of humanity. We’re doing our best to grow, and that’s what counts. That is my chief faith in not only my writing, but also that of the people who have trusted me to look over their work and assist them in their journalistic ventures in however manner possible.


Yours truly,

Dawn Kim