Dear readers,

As the editor for the News and Academics sections of this magazine, I would like to introduce myself for the first time. My name is Andy Yoon, a rising junior attending Seoul International School. I am part of my school’s magazine, not to mention Tiger Times—the school’s newspaper. With the experience I have accumulated over time, I joined this organization hoping to be able to apply myself even more to journalism and writing in general.

Outside of journalism, one of my interests is public speaking; thus, most of my high school has so far been about balancing the writing styles for such pieces. For example, public speaking favors repetition and simple but powerful vocabulary to make points, while most persuasive editorial pieces invite strong and complex word choice to vividly paint a picture. To successfully accomplish these goals, one challenge I have faced is how much time I have to invest to make a piece “great” in my eyes; otherwise, they’re too disorganized.

I try to edit a bit holistically when I have the time. What I mean by this is that while others try to focus on grammar, I prioritize the structure and content being discussed. People tend to forget about the potential topics they could have discussed while editing, an area I try to focus on instead.

I hope in the future the pieces this magazine produces will adhere to the general goal of promoting vivid, accessible, and eclectic writing.


Andy Yoon