Dear Readers,

If you’re a student, then congratulations on finishing another school year!

If you’ve read my bio, you don’t actually get a lot of information about me, so I want to start by introducing myself a little. I was born in Seoul, South Korea, but I moved to Los Angeles, California, when I was 5. There, I had the privilege of experiencing two different cultures at the same time: Korea and American. The various differences in culture that I encountered during my time in LA shaped me into a well-rounded individual with insights on distinct topics.

I suppose I owe the beginning of my writing journey to my initial interest in sports. I am passionate about sports and enjoy discussing trending news, whether it be of the NBA, NHL, NFL, or MLB. I spend hours and hours looking at statistics and news on various different players, teams, and even on the history of the sport. As time went on and my knowledge of sports grew, I began to formulate my own beliefs on certain topics. I wanted to express what I was thinking, and the best way for me to do that was to put my thoughts on the metaphorical paper. I began by creating my own website; there, I uploaded articles on the biggest sports news and my opinions on what I thought of it. As time went on, I began more involved with writing and started writing for my school’s newspaper: the YISS Beacon.

Teen10 has given me the opportunity to broaden my perspective in the journalism field. My spark for writing articles began not too long ago, and through this magazine, I was able to learn the different processes of editing, uploading, and publishing. In addition, it has brought upon me the responsibility of an editor – to be held accountable for a variety of jobs. Time management has been very important in this, like making sure that all the journalists provide me with their articles on time. Despite various struggles along the way, overall, this magazine has been a pleasant experience so far.

Hopefully, with the help of Teen10, my passion and interest in journalism will flourish, and I will be able to pursue my dreams in the future as well.

Thank you!


Julian Rhim