PC: Jaeho Hwang

Countless students across the world enjoy sports, some as a hobby, some as a serious career path, and others as a tool to get into college. One way or the other, playing sports in high school has numerous benefits across various aspects of student life. Take a look at the following reasons, listed in no particular order:

1. It Helps Relieve Stress

For many, playing sports is a form of stress relief. Whether it be running, swimming, or playing Soccer, sports helps one blow off steam by making him or her focus on the sport they are playing, away from other troubles that might stress one out. It is often hard to think of things other than school life, and sports is a healthy and effective way of doing so.It Helps You Stay In Shape

This one is probably the most obvious; working out makes people healthier. But especially in the context of school, where physical activity other than climbing stairs is rare, playing sports gives many students a window to activate muscles and get blood circulating. Bad posture, usually with origins in poor posture during studying or working, can also be corrected more easily if the muscles involved are active. Instead of starving to lose weight, try playing a sport that is personally enjoyable. It’s much healthier, and will bring various benefits with it.

2. It Helps You Focus

There have been numerous studies that show that concentration is higher after periods of exercise, especially in the morning. Some good exercise in the morning can go a long way to energizing the entire day, and can actually help students stay awake and alert in classes.

3. It Helps Your College Resume

Of course, of course. To many students, going to a good school is a major priority. And while it is easy to pass up sports, thinking that studying is more important, this is actually a poor decision in terms of college admissions. Many schools want to find students that are involved, passionate, and committed, and playing a sport is a great way to display those qualities. Varsity-level commitments to school teams are especially sought after in college admissions, and as a student looking to go to a top-tier school, school sports can greatly strengthen resumes. But it is also important that a better looking resume is not the only motivation behind a commitment to a sport. Without actual desire to play the sport and put in time, it will be a taxing experience, rather than one that will ultimately bring benefits.

4. It Helps You Make Friends

As a student, social life is surely an important aspect of day to day life. Sports greatly expands and enhances a student’s social life. Even if it is not a team sport, connections between players inevitably form, and especially with team sports, being in a group of people who share similar passions and have similar experiences playing the sport is a wonderful way to make friends and be social. On school teams, sports teams are a sort of meeting ground, especially between under and upperclassmen. It is often hard to approach people in different grades, but being on a sports team can help remove those barriers and help one form relationships with people in different grades.


Clearly, playing sports in high school benefits various aspects of student life. But what is most important at the end is that the player truly enjoys what he or she is doing. One of the more frustrating cases in athletics are the students dragged into a certain sport by their parents, never able to truly enjoy and find meaning in the sport. This is quite prevalent in Korea, where parents have much authority over their children and college admissions is so stressed, and it quite often destroys the true spirit of sports: having a good time.


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