Compare to what we have, we occupy such a tiny part of the universe and are yet to see most of its splendors. Choosing not to travel can lock people in a cage, blocking them from seeing what lies beyond themselves. Many people are overwhelmed by the expenses that come along with travelling, but there are plenty of ways to travel cheaply. Once you start travelling you will realize that with every single cent you pay, you learn something in return.

Just as experiencing sadness is necessary to feeling happiness, or as darkness is needed for stars to shine, there needs to be at least two opposites for comparison. In other words, we need to know what other places are like in order to evaluate our own surroundings. First hand experience of different living environments could cause you to be either very appreciative or dissatisfied with your status quo. Either of these consequences will without doubt evoke actions bringing about positive improvements to your daily life. You would never be able to fully evaluate your living circumstance without experiencing other environments, and the more you travel the more you will experience different lifestyles.

Whether you go to school or work, there is no doubt that your week consists of hectic days. Travelling lets you put your titles and responsibilities down and focus on yourself and your surroundings. One of the best things about travelling is that you can choose a place that you think you are in need of visiting the most. You can be your own pharmacist, prescribing vacation spots according to what you are in need of. If you are sick of life in the city, you can pick a countryside village as your vacation destination. If you have been living your whole life on a small island, you can prescribe yourself with a package tour to New York City.

Whether you like it or not, the only person that will always stick with you as people come and go is yourself. Instead of being too caught up in figuring other people out, we should try to understand ourselves first. By dropping yourself in a foreign place and challenging yourself to get around, you’ll realize the way you deal with unexpected situations, which will help you discover personality traits that you might not have noticed before. It is hard to decode your personality in daily life because you have already adapted to your surroundings. The moment you experience change, you will be able to see the way you adjust in new environments, interact with new people, and discover your sensitivity to the diverse cultures observed in different regions worldwide.

Whether you take a plane, a train or even just walk, you are practicing the act of traveling as long as you are taking a journey and visiting someplace new. There is an innumerable number of places you have yet to visit. Start saving, get packing and take yourself on an adventure!