Currently, Colorado is dealing with multiple wildfires which show no signs of slowing down. Though there are many wildfires, the two major ones are the Lake Christine Fire and the Spring Fire. Both wildfires are growing rapidly as they wreak havoc on the homes of Colorado.

On July 4, it was estimated by officials that the Lake Christine Fire covered around 2,700 acres. The blaze only got worse as the fire grew and continued to spread across the state. The evacuation center which was initially located at Basalt High School was moved to Roaring Fork High School in Carbondale, and the White River National Forest issued an emergency closure order for all National Forest Lands north of Basalt state wildfire area. The emergency closure prevented residents from going through hiking, biking, and motorcycling paths. Furthermore, three homes were destroyed.

It was claimed by town officials that the fire was started in the Basalt gun range when two men by the names of Allison Marcus and Richard Miller were carelessly shooting tracer rounds. When these two young men accidentally set off the fire, the blaze quickly grew and dispersed throughout the state. Marcus and Miller are responsible for their offense, and they will be charged around a million dollars for it. Their charges will be largely based on the costs of the firefighting efforts to put out the wildfire.

Though the Lake Christine Fire has caused Colorado a great deal of trouble, the Spring Fire has been Colorado’s true nightmare. The Spring Fire has gotten so immense that it is now officially the third biggest wildfire in Colorado’s history; it was estimated by officials that the fire already covered more than 100,000 acres of land. This deadly blaze has forced the evacuation of over 2,000 homes, and more than a 100 homes have already been destroyed. Highways have been closed to ensure safety, and approximately 1,500 firefighters are working on putting out the wildfire. Due to the roaring fire, relative humidity levels in areas near the wildfire are expected to increase and reach 30% soon. For comparison, Colorado’s normal humidity levels are always single-digit percentages.

Other current wildfires in Colorado include of the Sugarloaf Fire, Weston Pass Fire, and the Burro Fire (to name a few). Although thousands of firefighters are working on putting out the many wildfires, it is impossible to stop tornadoes, winds, and other environmental factors from making the situation worse. Colorado residents can only hope for the best as firefighters and personnels work towards improving the situation.

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