YouTube Temporarily Goes Down

On October 16, YouTube was temporarily shut down, and none of its content would show up or load. This incident affected not just one state, country, or continent, but rather the whole world. When YouTube users worldwide noticed the issue, people were outraged that they were unable to use YouTube, a media platform which is used by hundreds of millions of people everyday. Some people even went as far as calling 911 to report the problem. YouTube made a post on twitter apologizing for the inconvenience and stated that they were working on the problem to get YouTube back up as soon as possible. Around an hour and a half later, YouTube’s service was restored and users worldwide were able to use the media platform as usual. When Google was asked what caused this temporary shut down, it refused to answer. Though it remains unknown what caused the shut down, most people are just glad that they are able to freely watch videos again.

This minor incident is unsettling and strange in that YouTube has never before been shut down for more than an hour, especially in this day and age as technology is so developed (and advancing even more). The shut down came as a shock to many people around the world as YouTube has never failed to please its users as good WiFi usually ensured smooth transitions in videos. Furthermore, YouTube is run by Google, the biggest technology company in the world, so it is bizarre to see that such a famous and powerful company can make an error which even smaller companies rarely make. It is also a bit disturbing to some that YouTube is refusing to reveal the reason as to why YouTube temporarily shut down.

More importantly though, the shut down made people around the world realize how important YouTube is to them. Though the platform was unavailable for use for just an hour and a half, chaos immediately ensued, and some users even called 911 just because they could not use YouTube. The incident goes to show how addicted millions of users are to YouTube as they cannot even go a few minutes or hours without using it. What would happen if YouTube was shut down for more than a day? It is hard to imagine. People should not only complain about this incident, but they should also think about what they would do if such an error occurred again.

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